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Bigger, Better, Faster

Scotch Box Pro has some really nice features and updates and will help support this project and keep it alive. Thanks to everyone who provides support.




Ubuntu 16.04


MySQL 5.7


NGINX (optional)


The Build Scripts


Personalized Boxes

🖖 💪

Scotch Box Pro!

Finally available for download and use.

Want more in your local development environment? Check out these additional features by going pro.

Some Pro Features Include:

  • Ubuntu 16.04!
  • MySQL 5.7!
  • NGINX Option!
  • Go lang in the box
  • PHPUnit in the box
  • Yarn
  • Improved email catching with MailHog
  • Vagrant Share working nicely finally
  • The box's build scripts
  • Customize your own boxes in minutes
  • Generally higher versions of things (Node.js, Ruby, etc.)!